I waste/spend a lot of time reading what other people write about parenting on the internet.  I generally enjoy if it’s funny or moving, but without being mean, or overly sentimental.  The blogroll is a much better way of describing what I like than this last sentence.

I’m thinking it might “focus” my time on the internet if I created my own space to write things – and to start trying to respond to some of the amazing things that other people write, but to selfishly keep all my comments all around me, like Rosanne pulling all her poker chips towards her at the end of the opening credits.  I will include references like that last one in order to screen in/out people of my same general age range and bizarre tastes/life experiences.  I will apparently use slash marks far too frequently(/not enough?).

The thing I love the most about being a parent is it is helping me learn to become a better person.  I think I am becoming less judgmental, more accepting of change, and more willing to acknowledge hardness in life as it comes without getting freaked out by it/running away from it.

I picked the name “Will This Be Forever?” because I thought that was the most amazing line by that kid in that you tube video coming home from the dentist.  It seems that’s what makes life and parenting really hard sometimes is you don’t know when they will end.  Learning to live with that uncertainty is a worthy challenge.

I’m not sure how much I will say about my son (18 months old as of March 2011) or husband at this point.  I have yet to feel good enough about my writing to think that it could do either of them any justice.  I am still just working on not using the word “thing” too much and restraining my use of exclamation points.


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